Air Conditioning Systems For South East Queensland Homeowners

As the founder of Coolvent Consultants I bring over 20 years of experience in Consulting, Contracting and Installation, providing practical design solutions for a wide range of projects…

• Residential
• Commercial
• Industrial
• Educational
• Retail shopping centres

In Australia, New Zealand, and Vietnam.

Air conditioning, house design, ducted air conditioning, ventilation, energy efficient homes, Brisbane

Coolvent Consultants has used this experience to develop an independent practical business focused on providing energy efficient air conditioning and ventilation solutions, all over South East Queensland.

We specialise in completing projects on time and on budget in…

• All types of air conditioners and reverse cycle heating
• Energy efficient designs
• Specialised air conditioning designs
• Ventilation systems
• Building fabric and insulation designs
• Natural ventilation
• All support documentation

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of developing and finding the latest technology, equipment, and design to meet the client’s needs and South East Queensland climate extremes.

We only offer practical advice and design that work

So, if you want a professional team who can provide a range of services for your project, depending on your needs, including…

• Basic advice
• Concept design
• Full design
• Project management
• Construction advice
• Design reviews
• Building audits

We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners and commercial interests with their energy efficiency and air conditioning solutions.

Give us a call on…

0416 297 649

Or, email us with your house plans and we’ll provide a solution that will meet your needs.

Travis Heslin

Coolvent Consultants
Independent Air Conditioning Design & Advice

P.S.  We have found that listening to what a client wants always guides us to the best solution, for any individual project.