Building Tunning and Auditing

Building Tunning:

If your air conditioning or ventilation systems are not operating efficiently, we can inspect and give you recommendations on how they should be fixed. If it suits you, we can organise experienced contractors to do the repair work under our supervision and to our high standards.

We also work with or organise commissioning companies to do a re-balance and a check of your mechanical systems. Over the years, we’ve experienced many occupants complaining, “The air conditioning isn’t working”.

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Now, especially in older buildings, and where the tenants change regularly, the damper settings are often altered or new walls are constructed. These are just some of the ways the air conditioning system becomes unbalanced. This problem is easily corrected when the system is re-balanced.

The common name for this work is, Building Tunning. It’s not unusual for toilet exhaust systems to perform poorly in many buildings. In most cases these situations can be easily fixed at minimal cost, by just doing some maintenance and simple changes to the system.

Building Auditing:

If you are considering buying a building or complex, the condition and remaining life span of the air conditioning equipment is an important factor to consider. Replacement is a costly exercise and can also cause reduced rental income while the work is being completed.

Our 20+ years in the consulting, contracting, and installation of air conditioning qualifies us to produce an independent professional report on the current condition of any air conditioning and ventilation systems. This document will be an accurate assessment, in easy to understand terms, of all the necessary recommendations to correct any problems.