Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my older home can take a modern air conditioning system?

A large number of older houses present a unique set of air conditioning situations.  But, they’re only a problem until we can inspect and design a solution.

The really good news is, so many recent energy efficient developments are now available and they are truly amazing.  So, don’t be too troubled about what can work in your house design. We’ll be happy to talk to you about your concerns and how we can put together a successful air conditioning system.

Have you designed many domestic air conditioning systems?


Last time I looked at the figures, there were over 150 energy efficient homes and approximately 450 commercial projects we helped design and see through to a successful conclusion.  Click here to view some of our project experience.

Could you help me with our air conditioners? They are a few years old and I’m not sure how well they’re working.


We get a lot of calls like this and I’m happy to say, one of our “pet-projects” is the renovation of existing air conditioners.  There’s something about being able to breathe new life into a troubled system and some of them only need minimal work.

But, on the other hand there have been those air conditioners that are not up to today’s demands.  We’ll be happy to inspect and make energy efficient recommendations to you.

I think my air conditioner might need to be replaced. Can you help with that?

Until we take a look, it’s difficult to give an opinion.

Depending on your air conditioners age and use, it may only need a refurbishment and not replacement.

Will you work with my builder to design an energy efficient system?

Yes, we are happy to work with your builder to design an energy efficient system tailored for your construction or redesign project.

Designing air conditioning for builders, contractors, and architects is where we enjoyed some of my most rewarding work experiences.
Strong working relationships developed and we still use many of these individuals in our consulting work.  That means there is an experienced pool of professionals ready to quote and even install your project if you need them.

I’m not sure what air conditioner to put in my house extension. Can you help me ?


There are so many air conditioning systems to choose from that it can become a real headache.  What do you choose …

• Ducted air conditioning systems
• Wall mounted designs
• Reverse cycle air conditioning systems
• Floor Standing units or …

Like we said, very confusing!

Just give us a call on 0416 297 649 and we will take away all the worries by coming up with a unique energy efficient system designed and priced for your budget.

Also visit our article on 5 tips to get the best home air conditioning designs.

Can you assist me if I live anywhere in Australia?


We are located in Brisbane and are happy to see any clients who live in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast or Toowoomba.  Alternatively if you are outside these areas we are more than happy to discuss your needs over the phone and/or conduct a Skype call with you.

As you will see from our project experience, we have dealt with many clients & projects that are not close to our office location.