House Design – Air Conditioning & Ventilation

If you’re building or remodeling your home…

• Do you know how much thought has gone into the design of your new air conditioning and ventilation system?

• Do you know how much calculation is being applied to the air conditioning and ventilation design?

Most homes don’t get nearly enough of either:

And, unfortunately most contractors use a rule of thumb to do their estimates based on square metres.  Which does not take into consideration the orientation of your house, number of windows, and the type of insulation!

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This is not an effective or accurate way to establish exactly what air conditioning and ventilation you really need.

At Coolvent Consultants, we have no alliances with suppliers or manufactures.  And,over the years, we have seen the inefficiency of most air conditioning systems currently being installed in South East Queensland houses.

So, we make you this claim:

We can design the right system for your house within your budget and your guidelines.  Absolutely!


If you want your cooling, heating and ventilating systems to perform as you require them to do, you need to start with a good design.  Here are some of the reasons why our air conditioning and ventilation designs are essential in our South East Queensland climate:

  • A cooling and heating system that is sized correctly:
    Most new air conditioners are oversized, which means they don’t dehumidify properly (which is important in South East Queensland). They are prone to break down sooner due to short cycling (turning off and on too many times).
  • A distribution system that delivers the right amount of conditioned air to each room:
    Your home will be comfortable and efficient as we do detailed calculations to make this happen.
  • With increasing electricity costs, energy efficient design will provide you with considerable ongoing running cost savings.

Do not compromise your house design.

We can work with your Architect, builder or directly with you to ensure the air conditioning and ventilation systems you require are incorporated into your house while it is being designed, and not as an expensive after thought!

We can provide a range of services and different levels of documentation depending on your needs.

These include…

• basic design information
• concept design and spatial requirements
• full design documentation
• project and site management of the installation

Just send us your house plans,with an overview of your requirements and our team of qualified engineers can provide you with a cost effective solution and quote. Or, ask your architect or builder to send us your plans and we’ll do the rest.

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Alternatively, we can organise an appointment to meet with you to discuss your requirements. The type and design of the air conditioning systems in your house is only one part of a good energy efficient system design.

Others factors that should be considered are…

• insulation types
• building sealant
• natural ventilation
• breeze redirection wall design

We can provide a design and advice on all these items.