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Even if you want to achieve maximum energy efficiency., every building regardless of whether it’s a commercial premises or a South East Queensland residential home. Requires proper, safe ventilation to maintain adequate air supply and quality. That means inadequate ventilation can compromise health and could even be dangerous in the event of any emergency situation.

The need for ventilation can seem to be at odds with the energy efficiency of heating and cooling.  But it can actually be beneficial as it assists in maintaining comfortable humidity levels.

Ventilation is vital for…

• Removing toxic gases and stale air
• Eliminating excess heat, odours and bacteria
• Replenishment of fresh, clean air.

The term natural ventilation describes any system that doesn’t require mechanical equipment to displace air within the structure. Instead of the system relying on motors and powered fans.  Natural methods employ organic airflow techniques to draw pollutants and stale air through and from the building.  So while there are many options available for mechanical ventilation systems, there are some distinct benefits to natural ventilation which are worth considering.


Reduced Installation Costs To Save You Money:

For many homes and businesses, the budget is a very important consideration for any property modifications and improvements.  This makes the potentially reduced installation cost of natural ventilation very attractive.  However, to exploit this advantage fully, the system needs to be effectively designed as part of the whole structure before construction is completed.

This allows the costs of the installation to be absorbed into the project’s budget. In retrofit buildings, mechanical systems may offer better value for covering the maximum surface area to be ventilated naturally.

Lower Operating Costs Is also A Real Energy Efficiency Saver:

A very real benefit of natural ventilation is that they have lower operating costs.  So, if you want to achieve an energy efficient home, prepare yourself.

Because the use of powered fans and large air conditioning units can increase your electricity consumption by as much as thirty percent.  But on the up side, organic air circulation methods can virtually eliminate these costs.
This makes them an excellent long-term solution for energy and cost savings. While there may still be ongoing maintenance costs, these will be minimal compared to running mechanical ventilation systems. So, even if the system is more costly to install into an existing building. This expense can be recouped in the lower operating costs over the long term.

Lower Maintenance Costs:

Not only is energy consumption reduced… But a natural system will require far less maintenance compared to a mechanically driven system. And while a mechanical system will need to be serviced and repaired at least once a year, to ensure that it’s operating at maximum efficiency.  This does not apply to a natural ventilation system.

Natural systems have fewer vital components that require less maintenance and replacement. Although it is recommended every system should be inspected regularly to ensure they are effectively operating.  There is no need for lengthy and potentially expensive maintenance to meet health and safety standards.

It’s “Greener”:

Since your natural ventilation system is energy efficiency, at its best actually uses fewer resources.  It falls under the description “greener”.  What this means is there is far less energy needed for efficient operation.  And this will significantly reduce the environmental impact of your home. And even though this type of system can require a little more initial consideration, the “greener” operation makes these methods a valid solution for potential use in the future.

It’s Preferable Energy Efficiency:

Research continually indicates building occupants tend to prefer natural ventilation rather than mechanical systems.

The main reason for this could be that mechanical systems tend to impact thermal comfort as they often make the building feel either too hot or cold.  On the other hand, natural systems make it easier to more effectively maintain and control your preferred temperature level. This may seem a little strange since there are no sophisticated controls, but it can actually be a more effective solution. There is also a noise pollution consideration.

Many people find that mechanical systems can be noisy, which compromises the enjoyment of being in a particular area of the building.

For example…

In homes, a mechanical system can affect undisturbed sleep and make relaxing more difficult. If you are considering the energy efficiency of your home, it is worth investigation whether you would benefit from natural ventilation methods. Natural methods of heating and cooling your home would not only be a “greener” choice, but it could also save you money in the long term.

If you would like a natural energy efficient home, it is worth consulting with a professional designer for help and guidance. This will provide you with all the energy efficiency options and details you need to make an informed decision to move forward.  So, if you’d like to gather more information or just get answers to energy efficiency designs.

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